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Solving your design challenge whether it involves pixels or plywood.

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ich bin fabelhaft

Hi, I'm Nasira!

I make art and I design things. I've been working in various media for 15 years.
I am a Seattle/San Diego native, currently living in San Francisco.

I have a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree from a NAAB accredited university.
I have a BA in Studio Arts, with an emphasis on fashion in film photography and welding.

I am exceptional at 3D modeling, visualizations and renderings, and 3d environments.
In addition, I am a coder who can design, or a designer who can code. (Both actually.)

How can I create for you?

I'm currently accepting projects.

Flexible and versatile, with a wide range of talents —
yes, I can make that render look like a photograph
/unlike a photograph/dynamic/expressive/refined/etc.

I love new challenges. I look forward to working with you.